Running Assessment and Treatment to reduce pain and improve performance

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About this course

This course is for physiotherapists who treat runners.

The course aims to help assess and treat runners with pain and looks to go through a specific screening process whereby the physio will have a good understanding of why the patient is experiencing their pain.

It will give you all the tools and techniques to help patients reduce pain and get them back to running which is where they want to be.

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Course Structure

5 Lessons


Module 1 – Aetiology Of Running Injuries

In this video we talk about the causes of running injuries and why running injuries are so common in the population.

Module 1 - Functional Screening of runners

In this video I will go through the screening process for runners who come to see you with running related injuries.

Module 1 – Dynamic Differentiation tests

Dynamic differentiation tests.

Module 1 – Summary

This is a summary video for Module 1

6 Lessons

Module TWO

Module 2 – Principles of Strength Training

The principles of strength training

Module 2 – Effective Programme design

In this video we talk about programme design.

Module 2 – Plyometric Practical Session

In this video we go through a plyometric practical session.

Module 2 – Case Study

This is modules 2's case study

Module 2 – Summary

We summarise module 2

5 Lessons

Module Three

Module 3 – Running biomechanics simplified

Running biomechanics simplified.

Module 3 – When To Stop And When To Start

When to stop and when to start runners running.

Module 3 – Running Analysis and Patterns

This is a video on running analysis and patterns of dysfunction

Module 3 – Case Study

In this video we go through our case study.

4 Lessons

Module Four

Module 3 Summary

Summary of module 3

Layering A Program

In this lesson we talk about how to layer a program when getting a patient back into running after having had an injury.

Module 4 – Quick Quiz

This has a quiz summary quiz of the course

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