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Becoming a better educated therapist leads to increased confidence at work, less feelings of uncertainty and better outcomes with patients. That is what we aim to help with at the physio academy. 

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January 20, 2021


About Us.

Physio Academy Online is a network of world class Physiotherapy clinics and therapists based in a wide variety of settings. Our clinics are centres of excellence where we deliver the best, most evidence based and up to date strength and conditioning and rehabilitation programmes, alongside specific and skilled hands on manual therapies to maximise and expedite both our clients rehabilitation and recovery.

We are providers of international educational courses which we have delivered across 4 continents to thousands of therapists in person and now across the entire globe through our online training courses and ebooks.

What They Say About Our Courses

Peter Turner 


"Expert Tutors who were very approachable and helpful. The course content was extremely good and evidenced based. I believe my management of patients with hip pathology will be improved considerably as a result of attending the course."

Julia Atkinson


" Good presentation style and sufficient time given for questions and discussions. Loads of practical information, in fact, a good balance between theory and practice was given. Clear instructions & guidance to improve outcomes for this population of patients. Good encouragement to dig deeper into this topic."